Limo Prices

So now that you have decided to take a limo to your event, you might be wondering how much does a limo service cost or what are the average limo prices? That depends on exactly what type of limo that you are getting, and how far that you are traveling. Limousines are definitely not as expensive as one might think, and you get your whole party there and back for quite cheap.

A regular limousine is going to cost you anywhere from $100-$300 depending on where you are going and how far it is going to be. That is a typical price for a small or big city, that has lots of competition and plenty of limousine services to go around. That way the price is competitive and stays relatively low. A regular limousine is going to fit anywhere from 2 to 10 people, with a maximum of eight fitting very comfortably. Many people do not mind crowding and nine or 10 into a regular limousine, however, because it does save money for upgrading to the next bigger version.

If you decide to upgrade to an expedition sized limo, also referred to as an SUV limo – you are going to be paying anywhere from $200-$300 to the event and back. That just means that he will pick you up from a central spot, and bring you back to the same spot after the event is over. During the event, the driver will not be waiting around – they very likely we will have another gig to do, sometimes more than one.

What are Hummer Limo Prices?

Limo Prices

If you decide to up the ante and get a Hummer limo, it’ll cost you anywhere from $250-$400 to go there and back. Like the above options, it will pick you up at a central spot and drop you off at the event. As specified time, when the event is over – it will take you up. It will likely have other gigs that it is doing in the meantime. If you like to drive her to be on call and there the whole time, is an entirely different pricing scheme and goes by hour, which is discussed below.

Another way to get charged by the limousine company, as mentioned above, is to pay them by the hour – that way they will be with you the entire time that you are there.If you decide to pay by hour, you will be looking at anywhere from $50-$300 an hour depending on the size of the limo, and the company that you are using. Remember, there is a huge demand for limousines on any given night, with birthdays, nightclub events and weddings all going on daily. The limousine companies prefer for the driver to be able to do more than one gig tonight, and have lots of vents close together. If you do get a kind of set up, you expect to pay a lower rate.

What about the Limo Prices for Gratuity?

The typical gratuity for your limousine driver is 20%. It gets tricky, because some limousine companies automatically put in a gratuity into the overall price – that is usually called an all in price, or everything included. If you see that the price that you are going to pay for your limousine is an all in price, you should only tip if you get exceptional service. Other than that, you should always tip your limousine driver 20%, and 15% at the very lowest.

By now, you should really realize that limousine prices are not as expensive as you might have thought. Hopefully we have answered your question of how much does limo service cost well, and you now are feeling comfortable to move ahead with your purchase. Good luck and have a great night out.

The longer you wait the higher the limo prices will be so you should get a quote as soon as possible.